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Transforming Your Pain Into Power and Purpose featuring Cara Belvin

May 2019

Dear Woman on Fire ~

Rumi, the Persian poet and Sufi mystic, wrote, “The cure for pain is in the pain.”

This path has proved true for those with the courage to follow it. Some have even transformed their suffering into service.

My guest for the May interview did that by embracing her deepest ache and using it to ease the heartbreak of others.
Cara Belvin
Cara Belvin was 9 years old when her mother died of breast cancer at age 37. Her family adopted a “don’t talk about it” mindset, and she suffered in silence for decades.

Finally, with the encouragement of devoted friends, Cara spoke out. She founded empowerHER, an organization to support girls who have also experienced the early loss of their mothers.

Cara’s powerful aspiration is now spreading across the nation. I am so proud that Women on Fire supports this dynamic and inspiring mission.

This month, as we celebrate Mother’s Day by paying tribute to moms and all those who nurture others, we join Cara in also remembering the motherless daughters.

In the After Interview, I’m joined by our Women on Fire sister Kris McCormick.


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