Christine Carter Interview Content

Finding Your ‘Sweet Spot’ for Joy and Productivity
with Christine Carter, Ph.D.

Christine Carter Photo Credit: Blake Farrington

You know those times when everything seems perfect? When your life and work feel easy and joyful and time passes quickly?

When that occurs, you are in your “sweet spot”!

Our guest expert today is Dr. Christine Carter, an author and research psychologist who has studied how you can consciously create more moments in your “sweet spot.”

In this interview, you will discover:

  • What is your sweet spot?
  • Best ways to capture your sweet spot
  • A power pose you can adopt to connect to your sweet spot
  • What to do when you lose your sweet spot
  • Why it’s critical to show compassion for yourself rather than resistance toward an unwanted situation…and much more!

Thank you to Women on Fire member Ellen Gaskill of Martha’s Vineyard who joined me in the studio for the After Interview.

I’m so happy to introduce both of these brilliant women to you this month.

Thank you for adding your talent to this fabulous community of amazing women — and for sharing it with the women in your life!