End of Year Group Interview

Saying Goodbye to 2016: Women on Fire Reflect on the Year
featuring Women on Fire members Beth Bryce, Deirdre Martin, Meredith Schoenberger and Georgia Wheelock

End of Year GroupMaybe you’ve noticed this?

When two or more women in our sisterhood get together, we almost always walk away uplifted and inspired!

So, in a departure from usual, where I interview one guest expert, this month I invited four Women on Fire sisters — Beth Bryce, Deirdre Martin, Meredith Schoenberger and Georgia Wheelock — to get together to reflect on 2016.

Most had never met each other! Still, as Women on Fire do, they candidly shared their triumphs, struggles and dreams (and one BIG surprise!). You’ll hear how each woman has applied Women on Fire strategies in real life and her results.

From their reflections of this past year, you’ll see for yourself:

  • The power of being guided by your Word of the Year
  • The reward of stepping outside your comfort zone
  • How boundaries can transform your life from surviving
    to thriving
  • The benefits of learning to say no, so you have time and
    space for dreams and desires to say yes to
  • What investing in yourself and your potential leads to
  • How self-care promotes you to accomplish even more

True to form, after being together, hearing their experiences in 2016 and their dreams and goals for 2017, I was uplifted and inspired — and I know you be will, too. Thank you for your part in this amazing circle!