Gloria Steinem Interview

Are You Lighting the Way for Others?
with Gloria Steinem

Our guest expert this month is Gloria Steinem, 82, leader of the women’s movement for the past 50 years and a woman many of us can be personally thankful for.

Gloria has advocated many rights on our behalf—from reproductive health to pay and workplace opportunities.

What you’ll hear today is the live conversation I had with Gloria during Planned Parenthood’s 80th anniversary gala in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 14, 2016. It was an uplifting, inspiring event organized by our own Linda Neff.

In this conversation with Gloria, you’ll learn:

  • Who she will pass her torch to. (It may surprise you!)
  • Change-makers you need to know.
  • Why she still travels and has a busy speaking schedule.
  • How she overcame being “invisible” as a woman.
  • Why it may be important to “follow your fear”… and so much more.