Kellie Haddock Interview

When the Worst Happens: Healing from Tragedy
featuring Kellie Haddock

Kellie HaddockDo you ever wonder how you’d respond if the worst happened to you?

For Kellie Haddock, the worst did happen. She was a 20-year-old mother with a 14-week-old baby when she and her husband were in a horrific car accident. Her husband was instantly killed and her baby seriously injured.

Ten years later, the world came to know Kellie when she made her own dream come true with The Thank You Project.

The video of her quest to thank medical personnel who rescued her and saved her baby’s life has now been viewed more than 100 million times!

Kellie is a Women on Fire member and for the first time shares with us behind-the-scenes details of how she coped and worked through tragedy to get where she is today.

We also celebrate with her the launch of her brand-new album, Wild Love. She even has a gift for you from that album!

I know you will learn so much from Kellie and take great pride in the strength and gratitude of this brilliant, kind and loving Women on Fire sister of ours.