LeeAnn Renninger Interview

Embracing the Unpredictable: Discover the Rewards of Surprise!
featuring LeeAnn Renninger, Ph.D.

LeeAnn RenningerSurprise, surprise, surprise, Woman on Fire!

That’s our topic this month: the power of surprise and the unexpected.

Did you know that surprise is the secret ingredient in your best memories? And that surprise can unlock growth, innovation and connection in your life?

I didn’t either until I met our guest expert this month — surprisologist Dr. LeeAnn Renninger.

One of my goals with each Women on Fire interview is to bring you a little surprise you might not have thought of or encountered before. I hope you’ll enjoy what Dr. Renninger and co-author Tania Luna have to say in Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected!