Lisa Fischer Interview

20 Feet from Stardom: From Superstar Backup
Singer to Solo Spotlight with Lisa Fischer

Lisa FischerGrammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Lisa Fischer has spent nearly 30 years as a backup singer with the Rolling Stones and other rock stars.

She is a powerful example that it’s never too late to go for your dreams — and in her instance, from backup singer to center stage. Get ready to hear her sing!

Here are a few of the many things you will discover in this interview:

  • How being featured in the 2014 Academy Award-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom turned her life upside down.
  • Why rediscovering the joy — without the burden of expectation — can return the luster to your fading dreams.
  • How to silence your negative mind chatter and find the support you need when you set out on an intimidating new project, job or adventure.
  • Why being grateful for what is moves you into the flow of life when you would rather cling to the anchor of what was.
  • The secret to accepting midlife changes and learning to be comfortable in your own skin.
  • How Lisa perceives music and the musicians who are influencing and exciting her today.