Louise DuArt Interview

On a Wink and a Prayer:
Transforming Your Life When Heartbreak Strikes
with Louise DuArt

Louise DuArtWhen the worst happened in your life, how did you cope? What did you do? Where did it eventually lead you?

For actress, author and impressionist Louise DuArt, she transformed her life that was crashing down around her into a work of art!

In my interview with her, you will laugh, cry and learn:

  • How to recognize a “godwink” and what it means
  • The difference one caring person can make in a child’s life
  • What Louise does daily to get into the right mindset
  • Why she never gives up and what sustains her to keep going
  • How she creates the characters she inhabits
  • What happens when she meets one of her “characters” in real life
  • And, so much more…

You’re going to love her and learn so much from her. I sure did. What a breath of fresh air!