Loung Ung Interview

Memoir of Survival Moves from the Page to the Screen
featuring Loung Ung

Loung UngI am proud to share that this month’s Women on Fire guest expert is Loung Ung, author, activist, entrepreneur and now screenwriter (sharing the honors with Angelina Jolie).

A Cambodian refugee whose parents and 20 family members were killed by the Khmer Rouge, Loung came to the United States when she was 10, grew up to become a distinguished writer and is a Women on Fire favorite.

Her book, First They Killed My Father, caught Angelina Jolie’s eye. She and Loung became close friends and together turned the book into an acclaimed movie, directed by Angelina, that you can watch on Netflix.

In this interview, you’ll catch up with Loung and hear the inspiring story of her work with Angelina to make the movie.

Thank you to Ellen Wingard for sharing her keen insights in the After Interview.