Nikki Giovanni Interview

A Living Legend Shares Her Brilliant Thoughts and Wisdom
featuring Nikki Giovanni

Have you ever met someone you simply couldn’t forget?

As a former journalist, a governor’s press secretary and founder of Women on Fire, I’ve met many women over the years who’ve stayed in my mind.

They are women with spunk, wisdom, talent, kindness and a powerful point of view — and this was so very true of the poet, activist and educator Nikki Giovanni, who you’ll meet today!

Thanks to former First Lady of Ohio Dagmar Celeste, I first met Nikki when she was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1985.

Struck by her powerful ways, I began to read her poetry and follow her teaching career, still strong today after 50 years.

Named as one of Oprah’s 25 Living Legends, Nikki is an America treasure and a true Woman on Fire.

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • In trying times, what Nikki does to calm her soul
  • How she was affected by the Virginia Tech massacre —
    and how she feels about that tragedy today
  • Her view on life, love and living your purpose
  • The gift she’s still waiting on from Oprah!

Thank you to Women on Fire members Darlene Wade and Carmencita Whonder who contributed to this interview.