Rob Berkley Transform Conflict Interview

How to Transform Conflict for Better, Deeper Relationships featuring Rob Berkley

Rob BerkleyDoes having conflict — or even the thought of conflict — leave you feeling sick, angry, resentful or disempowered?

Fear no more as this month we dive into conflict and learn how to diagnose and resolve whatever is upsetting you.

Who better to help us understand this tricky topic than an expert we’ve all
come to rely on — master-certified, executive coach and consultant Rob Berkley.

Rob often works with individuals, partnerships and corporate teams to resolve conflicts and differences, creating much healthier lives and work environments.

He is also my awesome husband and the person I’ve had — and resolved —more conflict with than anyone! 😉

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The four types of conflict
  • The one behavior you must eliminate to successfully
    resolve any conflict
  • How to minimize conflicts before you sign on the
    dotted line to hire a professional services company
  • A major counter-intuitive benefit when you resolve
    conflict …and so much more.

Breathe easier and feel lighter by learning to put these beneficial strategies to use!