Sally Taylor Interview

Hitting a High Note: Expressing Your Talents in the World
with Sally Taylor

sally-taylorWhat is it like—really like—to grow up with famous parents?

How would you find your own gifts, strengths and talents—and make your mark on the world—when there is always such intense focus on them?

I’m excited for you to meet my dear friend Sally Taylor, the daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon.

With courage, kindness and focus, Sally has successfully forged her own unique path as a singer, musician, artist, entrepreneur, educator, wife and mom.

Inspired by a fable, Sally incubated an idea for years. Shortly before she turned 40, she transformed her dream into reality and launched Consenses, now a global initiative and extraordinary exhibit connecting artists to each other.

In this interview, you’ll learn from Sally:

  • How she handled her parents very public divorce
  • The best advice she’s received from her parents—and the best advice she’s given to them
  • The story that launched her work of art
  • How she follows her heart
  • What she does when she doesn’t know the next step in business … and so much more

Sally will soon be featured in the documentary movie The Gig.

Sally Taylor Interview

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