Sheri Salata Interview

Up Close and Personal with the Woman Behind Oprah with Sheri Salata

Sherry Salada

You’re in for a treat this month!

I am honored to share with you the wisdom, heart and experience of a woman I greatly admire and respect — Sheri Salata, the president of The Oprah Winfrey Network.

We featured Sheri at our annual Women on Fire Retreat in Chicago earlier this year. Since then, I’ve received numerous requests from attendees asking to listen to her again!

If you were there, you know how special she is. And if you’re a new member, or you weren’t able to be with us this year in Chicago, you won’t miss out! You’ll learn:

  • The amazing story of how Sheri got her job with Oprah
  • Sheri’s recipe for life
  • What Oprah is like to work with
  • Sheri’s favorite Oprah guests who’ve inspired her

This is definitely one you’ll want to listen to. Enjoy it and feel free to let me know what touches your heart in this interview!