Terri Cole Interview

Strategies for a Year of Fearless Living
featuring Terri Cole

Terri ColeAre you ready to make 2015 your best year yet?

With your Women on Fire sisters behind and beside you, whatever you dream of and wish for is yours! And this is the year — and the place — to make it happen.

To inspire us, psychotherapist, coach and strategist extraordinaire Terri Cole is here to kick off the year with her powerful life strategies. Terri has guided the careers of mega pop stars and Broadway notables. What she shares is gold!

And, even more importantly, she is a super star when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and a fearless life. You’ll also learn what happened when she married a widower with three teenage sons and the terrifying incident that led her to break through her own fears. Enjoy the wisdom of this delightful and brilliant woman I’m proud to call a Women on Fire sister!