Tzurit Or Interview

Sweet Success: How to Follow Your Heart to Your Dreams featuring Tzurit Or

Tzurit Or

Her name is Tzurit Or, and it seems rather poetic her first name is pronounced suh-weet.

Because everything about her you need to know is sweet —her name, her business, her success.

In Boston this past winter, I fell in love with a new kind of bakery and cafe called Tatte. The food, the ambience, the teamwork at Tatte felt so special and different that I had to find out —who created this?

Israeli born, single mom, film producer-turned-pastry chef Tzurit Or is the genius behind this brand of luxury food and treats that may soon be coming to your part of the world.

Her rags-to-riches story and entrepreneurial journey will melt your heart and uplift you to follow your own dreams!

For starters, you’ll learn:

  • What it’s like growing up in a kibbutz in Israel
  • Tzurit’s thought process in figuring out her passion
  • When she’s felt like quitting, what kept her going
  • The magic behind creating a dream-come-true life

Thank you to member Christy Venezio, a master cake decorator herself, for participating in the After Interview.

Warning: listening to this interview and visiting just might make you very hungry!